Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Animal Politics v.11

The scarcity of the world is not of time of energy but of mutual solutions
Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever
Time exist due to irreversibility of interactions, our intuition of time is that total interactions is always happening, irreversible, and always new.

I have been treated as immigrant all my life. I'm a 25 years old Indonesian citizen with Chinese blood in me and have lived in Australia for college. As much as I hate racist people, in my opinion some people have abused the defensive tools against racism and have mislabeled people for wrong reasons.

We all know how dangerous alien species is for every ecosystem. Love within a system is very important, and it has been maintained for as long as the age of the ecosystem itself. Just because immigrants could survive within an environment, doesn't mean that the immigrants have appropriately merged into the system, have properly support love and became part of a solution/solutions that work for the system not against. New people need to know the solutions of the system and so the problem that they're facing. And yes, sometimes its better to require some people to prove that they could and would contribute first and got accepted, before being given full access to the integrated solutions.

But native people also could destroy their own solutions. 

Using piracy is always problematic, no matter where you came from. All need to realize, piracy is all about not paying to the creators of solutions, its all about not giving back properly. People sometimes forget that there are those create the solutions, and there are those who share the solutions. Both deserved to be rewarded respectively... and most of the time, those who created the solutions most of the time should sacrifice more than those who just simply share.

In the end, if people would use experts to audit people's positions, the solutions that they have created, that they have shared, and that they have supported. If people would objectively measure people's understanding of cultures and laws, and have or have not they are positioned safely in the system... whether they could and would became part of the solutions in the society or not, there's no need in stereotyping, and treating others badly unjustly, only because of suspicions.

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