Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

One way to reduce traffic jam in developing cities v.03

One factor of traffic jam in major cities in Indonesia is due to lack of participation with the law. This is probably because there are still quite a bit of us who didn't go through all the administration required for our driver's license. If local governments would allocate their budget to conduct an update test for all driver's license holders that have had their licenses for more than 4 years, this could really change things around.

Honestly if you drive here, people often use their immidiate instinct/intuition to solve traffic situations. Which is why in my city the rate of reported traffic violation is very high, compared to other violations:  http://makassarkota.go.id/download -> http://makassarkota.go.id/download/makassar_dalam_angka_2007.pdf -> page 209. Although I could argue that the rates may be declining over the years.

If you see page 210, you'll see that in 2006 hundreds of people lost their lives due to traffic accidents in the province of Sulawesi Selatan, where the city of Makassar is in.

The trend of acquiring driver's license "shortcutly" should not be kept. This would likely lead to more and more traffic problems in the future. You can say that we are having a monorail so it's still ok. Monorail would bring in more pedestrians into the heart of the city, the demand of mobility would increase due to increases in more diversified use of territories, for business and for residence. Therefore rather than expanding more and more streets, and took away ever highly needed pedestrian's space, why not encourage people to use the rule? 

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