Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Direct derivative of the main tendency

Currently we already have very very very many inclinations in the world:
- Inclination to sleep
- Inclination to be awake
- Inclination to stay healthy
- Inclination to make profit


The main inclinations that supports all and supported by many is the inclination to incline.
There are also important inclinations such as, Inclination to initiate interactions, Inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever,

Without inclinations there would be no initiation of interactions.

But within all inclinations there is contra inclination, for example the inclination to spend money and the inclination to save money, Inclination to be happy and the inclination to be unhappy.

For the world to work to keep on experiencing interactions forever, those inclinations need to figure out ways to prioritize each other right. Prioritizing is when contradicting inclinations were used together to support another inclination. What I mean is, for example you prefer to eat meat than not to eat meat, but you also prefer to be healthy, so you use administrations derived from both inclination to eat meat and the inclination to not eat meat... to support the inclination to stay healthy.

So to be in order is very important and to not be in order is unsupportive of the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever.

So the direct derivative of the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever is the inclination to be in order.

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