Senin, 28 November 2011

Examining Your Inclination and making terms

In life we've developed administrations to support ourselves, we've learned and prepared to create some new administrations in response to what life brought to us.
Some people's administrations are in support with another but at the same time the administrations also contradict against others.

There would be people who are fighting against each other every single time. There are people who happens to get attacked from the same angle all the time.

Say for illustration, people tend to discourage Mr. Smith all the time, some not necessarily knew Mr. Smith before... but their words are discouraging against Mr. Smith accidently. These things seemed to happen to Mr. Smith all the time.
When you meet with Mr. Smith you also feel the inclination to discourage him.

Now as a self controlled human being, we have the power not to be dragged away by some inclination without our consent. We have to realize that in life sometimes we adopted some bad administration not on purpose, and in time these administration could manifest and ruin our work without us noticing it.

In case of Mr. Smith, we need to learn more about him... as soon as we identify that these things keep on happening to Him... we must introspect ourselves how come we too experience the inclination to make things difficult for Mr. Smith.

Say to yourself, I control myself.

A little background about what I'm talking about. I think spirits do exist, spirits are inclination.
Spirits are alive because inclinations initiate interactions, and our came about were initiated by inclinations.
Our spirit is the inclination to keep ourselves happening, or the inclination to keep ourselves becoming part of interactions forever.

There are two main alliances in the world that is love and anti-love.
Love the inliclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever. And the anti-love are inclinations not in the same direction with Love.
Another way to put it is the inclination to incline vs the inclination not to incline.

(If you asked which alliance do "the inclination to keep on inclining to not loving forever"... then that's a part of LIE and that's still the enemy of Love).

Minggu, 20 November 2011

Golden Sticker continued v.02

This is my previous post

Now I want to talk about the assurance organizations.

Lets say or imagine (note again that this is not happening this way in real life) that microsoft used the services of adobe, intel, oracle, and mpegla. All of these companies issued sticker for microsoft, some issued bronze, some silver, and there's a golden sticker. However Microsoft don't want to give out to people too much about the whereabouts of their spending. So all of these companies unite together and created an agency which they called the "tech" agency.
Tech agency then safehold the stickers from adobe, intel, oracle, and mpegla... and issue a platinum sticker to microsoft... the sticker looked like "TECH PLATINUM 2011" which then be posted in Microsoft's profile in facebook and/or google plus.

You could have many agencies like this, you could have Green agencies for nature's conservation foundations. You could have Agriculture agencies which issued stickers to people who paid or maintained or invested in their members. These agencies would examine whether or not there were actual transactions happening.
The purpose is to give light and some kind of social power to people, to choose to only trade or deal with people who maintained their sources of solutions. Because mutual solutions need to be maintained, they didn't just fell on our lap, we ought to search for them and maintain them. That's reality.

Taman Bermain TBOM v.02

Di taman bermain TBOM dilarang memberikan uang kepada orang lain.

Anda dapat bermain catur, monopoli, panco, lomba sepeda statis, dsb
Untuk setiap jenis permainan yang mau berpartisipasi membayar 5000 per hari, dan pada akhir hari yang menang paling banyak di bidang tersebut akan diberikan hadiah (tapi tidak berupa uang).

Bertanding dengan orang yang sama maksimal 2 kali saja.
Kalau mau bermain lagi boleh, tapi menangnya tidak dihitung.

Sabtu, 19 November 2011

Dapat Bonus isi ulang sabun cuci tangan Dettol

Perhatian: Berikut saya akan membicarakan dan menampilkan produk komersil. Keterangan yang akan saya berikan adalah pengalaman pribadi, bisa saja saya salah mengerti dan salah menginformasikan. Saya tidak menerima instruksi dari entitas manapun untuk posting ini, hanya spontani
tas sendiri mau berbagi melalui blog ini.

Beli satu sabun dettol dapat satu isi ulang.

Kamis, 10 November 2011

The Habit of Rewarding to the Sources of Solutions

In my observation, there are some instances when people give rewards to others:
1. When the others have provided a solution or some solutions for the giver.
2. When the others have a solution or some solutions that's wanted or needed
3. When the others have no or little desirable solutions but they block or could block desirable or needed solutions from being accessed.

So there are 2 reasons why people provide rewards:
1. Because the others have provided help
2. Because the others could block away desireable or needed help.

A farmer has a lot of food, but if the price is too low, he/she could block away your access to food.
A software programmer created a powerful program, but if the price is too low, he/she might not be able to block others' access to his/her program because it could just be copied and spread by some others.

Now, for our future, let's create a habit of giving thanks not because one could block away our access to solutions... but because one had helped us with his/her solution/s.
Let's not encourage people to specialize in blocking away solutions, but in creating and sharing solutions.

One way of doing this is by creating a system that could track the solutions that are being used or have been used by us... and then seek to reward the providers of solutions. If we've paid to some, then I guess it should be fine, but let's seek those that haven't received any help from us then help them when we could.

Nature is also providers of our solutions... the trees have made possible running fresh water and O2 and anti floods. Let's reward the trees by investing in their conservation.