Sabtu, 28 April 2012

Limit of Priority in Reality

Here's a question, is it reliable to say that if there were events that previously percieved had very little chance of happening, actually happened in real life, then there must be a reason behind it.
The reason would be an event that had high chance of occuring.
Therefore there's no such thing as low probability events ever took place, it's always a high probability events that took place in reality, we just didn't have the point of view yet.

For example: The probability of me falling from my bed without anyone pushing me is 1:1000000, but I did fell. There must be something that triggered my fell, there must be factor that's supposed to be included in the calculation but didn't.
Apparently if anyone observed the geological activity around my town, they'd figure out that the there was 90% chance that there going to be an earthquake at the night, and in case of an earthquake, the chance of me falling from my bed became 1:15.

Therefore, it'd be useful to find this limit or range of qualification of an event to be prioritized in reality. If a probability was too small beyond the limit, let's say maybe at about 1:1000000, but the event took place, then there must be a variable that we failed to took account. And it's an opportunity for us to learn about it.

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