Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

Admiring people v.02

The leader of Panin Bank in Makassar, Mr. Onni that's how he liked to be called. I think he has set good examples in his lifestyle. He's a Moslem but Christians could look at him and acknowlege how decent of a person he has been known as.
I don't know how much good he has done for people, I suppose a lot of good, as far as I know he has helped the poor in his workplace, excel the green movement in his city Makassar, and live a relatively down to earth lifestyle.
As a well known successful banker, his wearings are reasonably down to earth, his way of dealing with people is inclusive, and his sense of fatherhood is strong. His strength I think is the bad feeling you get if you dissapointed him, and that feeling really is strong.
I really don't know much about this person, but looking from the point of view of my values, and trying not to offend many of his supporters whose lives he has helped to change significantly, its not right to talk about him as a bad person.

However people have different standards they prioritize including myself. And to say I would have no disagreement at all about all of the people I look up to ("look up to" not in a sense that I necessarily would want to be them), would be a lie.

Persona, to set a person as an ideal is it appropriate?
Jokowi, Ahok, and other heroes, should we use a blind eye and never criticize them.
Or should I ask do we lost our worthiness in the presence of these people?

I think Indonesia need heroes of the mind, those who made possible for us to say that I have a good brain, I too am worthy to think and have my own say, and my vote counts.

The only person worthy of such worship is Jesus, a righteous person who wasn't supposed to die, he should've lead people to their ultimate appropriateness. But since the world has killed him, no longer humanity and all of the inclination to preserve humanity must give thanks to the inclination to not incline and the minions of the inclinations to not incline.
Those who believe this have faith that God doesn't reject us, and even though harm will dawn upon the people who don't give thanks to the inclination to not incline in this world, there will be a new world where all of those sickness and imperfection would be considered as glory and strength. And we will be in it.
So don't associate yourself, your personality, your love, with evil. Don't become one with evil even though it has some kind of real influence. Stay associating yourself as a lovely person, let's keep on helping people. And we'll see God the Holy come in His glory and we will see and in all appropriateness bow only to Him and to nobody else and we will be set free in Love.