Minggu, 12 Februari 2017

Jack Ma Quotes #Motivation


Help others become successful then you'll become successful.

Jumat, 10 Februari 2017


Three things required to keep us productive,
Inspiration, Motivation, and Health

I want to talk about Motivation as this is what i'm struggling with,

Dopamine is the motivation substance
In order to produce dopamine people need to be able to successfully change their state to the better. The imagination of success also produces dopamine, but too much imagination gives you free dopamine which skips the motivation part.
So constant state of life without any hope of change to the better gives no motivation (even though the state of life was not bad).
Danger is also motivating, you'd want to change your "in danger" state to the "not in danger" state.
But putting someone in danger without their consent is unsustainable.
One of the reasons is someone could become bored or feel that the danger is too repetitive and nothing he/she can do to change that lifestyle.
My goal is to keep on being motivated without using negative ways such as putting myself or my family in danger without their consent.
This to me is proven to be hard because I need constant solution after solution after solution to have my position keep on changing to the better.

But the reward is worth it. Life is worth it.

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