Selasa, 09 April 2013

Excuses are addictive

One thing I believe, that no man should dominate other man except their non-adult kids.
We are all equals and only God could decide when one could act dominant over other people.
Therefore I also believe in self dominion, people are not supposed to tell me or order me about my life decisions. Its bad both for me and the person, your body is yours other people's body is theirs, if you're being lazy on doing this principals, I think you're being lazy in supporting humanity and will position yourself as dangerous to people (openly and/or behind closed doors).

Now after that I'd like to say that excuses are like drugs, some people could take it, some people could not. Some people once they made excuses they just couldn't stop.
And if you want to quit from making excuses, you'd want to be away from gossips and people who can't stop trying to dominate other people. Gossipers always try to squeeze excuses out of you, even though you're not saying anything wrong, but its an excuse and it's conflict.
Let's stop making excuses, and control ourself away from conflicts. Let's start saying no and just no, "I'm not making excuses, sorry, they're addictive"

2 komentar:

  1. Haha, just now my cousin asked me about something I didn't continue to do, was going to make excuses, but I just wrote this Blog!
    This must be God being good to me.

  2. But the "gossipers" are not my cousin, just situations people could found themselves in to.