Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

Creators of Demands v.08

Monopoly is a popular issue here in Indonesia, as after hollywood ban its products from entering Indonesia, suddenly now Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is in the theathers, another movie is also in but I forgot what it was... anyway, the importer of the Harry Potter movie, Omega Film is on the spot for having almost all the market share of Hollywood movie watchers.

The law in Indonesia is not monopoly friendly... movie importers are not allowed to form coallission with each other to control price, to have collusions with theater companies to block other importers. 

In my opinion, monopoly could be allowed as a form of reward for those who created demands in a society. Who made popular hollywood movies in Indonesia? I think they deserve rewards from the industry.

There should be an audit to know who created the demand, and there should be a law on how the rewards would be distributed. I agree with current law, I don't want lack of importers cause higher dependency to those coallisions. I don't want our society to favor mafia form of administration, as it is counter productive, and stifles creative spirits from being appreciated if they didn't support the interest of the mafia. I think creative spirits should support mutual solutions for all people, for the country, not just for the mafia, as we live in one world.
However, there should be an audit to know whether or not existing or would be existing demands are good for sustainable lifestyle, for sustainable solutions, in a community... or if not, the new products demanded should be able to replace old existing solutions in solving important problems.

I hate the idea of tyranny, I think the law should be an integrated solutions that prioritze to solve all the people's important problems, not just for tyrants and their families. I think the law that supports the life of little people promotes hope, that they too someday would be able to be providers of help for others (independently). I hope that the unity of all people as providers of solutions, not as masters and slaves, will lead to lovely lifestyle for all.

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