Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

Over innovating? v.03

Over innovation only occurs when you address problems that's not relevant. Relevance in terms of love (the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever).

Investment for research and development is always good, as long as you address the problem right. Know your problem, then there would be no such thing as over innovation.

Ofcourse, some specialized discipline want to associate the term "innovations" only for products made by them. This is wrong, even people from less expensive discipline could one time be more relevant than those who paid a lot for some specialized education. Know your problem, then you'll know what kind of  R&D to be prioritized.

Those who decided to specialize out of cockyness and/or necessities, not out of  their intuition, would most likely be loud and all politics. Those who had quite a bit of debt would also be loud, rigid, and scared when their services were postponed. Doesn't mean that they own innovation.

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