Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

The blunder of current debt system v.08

Why its ok to adjust debt principals to inflation

Because the scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy, and our scarcity is not of money, but of solutions that support each other.
Money represents that the person who has it deserve help because he/she had helped before and hasn't been helped back.
When you borrow money, the lender deserve help from you not money. When inflation devalue the exchanging power of the money, the borrower should still deserve from you same magnitude of help not money. Otherwise would be a win loose scenario not win win.

Market mentality is win win, we want to live in peace not war, because there's only one reality, and the scarcity of everybody is not of time nor energy, but of mutual solutions.

The new system could be:

- Lender lend 100.000, since he/she had provided liquidity, he/she had provided extra help and deserved to be helped back. Let's say by 1000

- Borrower agreed to pay back 100.000, sometime in the future and this amount would be adjusted to the inflation rate. And he paid 1000 to the lender upfront.

- if Borrower could not return the 100.000 after inflation on time, it mean that the lender had provided more help, more liquidity, borrower then should pay extra... lets say by 50 after inflation. So if the borrower only payed back 80.000 after inflation, 50 of the 80.000 would be used to pay the service, he would still have to pay back 20.000 + 50 after inflation (and inflation) in the future.

This could be one way of doing it better.

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  1. Tambahan: mungkin sistem ini bisa dipakai oleh koperasi simpan pinjam