Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

Experts v.10

Humans made mistakes, mistakes brought new perspective, and HIV viruses are so hard to handle because they kept on making mistakes. I think we all want to make mistakes, it's something we need to do in life.

Time exist due to irreversibility, therefore, our intuition of time is all about total interactions in the universe being always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new. In my opinion, we make mistakes because we Love ourselves, and we want to stay relevant.

The Law maybe slow to update, and sometimes the law wants us to do the same thing over and over again. But as long as the law serves for the need of all people, including for those who are poor and lonely... We could rest assure that the Law will keep on being adjusted and updated accordingly to time. Being in the law could provide for us more "spaces for variances" that are relevant and safe for us rather than doing violations that would instead disempower the providers of solutions in our community and later will even destroy more "spaces for variances" available for us.

Experts are those who could identify "spaces for variances" many people hardly could, "Spaces for variances" that are mutual or lovely.

Lets integrate everyone's help, let's direct time as creatures of love.


MutualSolutions ftw

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