Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

Mutual solutions for the win v.03

Current form of intellectual property law is quite hard to grasp for many people especially in developing countries, and for teenagers as well. However the culture of giving back to the sources of solutions must exist in every successful society.

I propose to educate people using the explanation of "giving back to the sources of solutions". But firstly I want to protest that those who managed to create an invention and made profit out of them, also need to give back to their sources of solutions... by paying for the conservation of mother nature's mutual solutions.

Mutual solutions absolutely doesn't mean let some to be victims or prey of others... mutual solution must mean birth control and engineering of new bodies, that could contain our mind, memory and personalities, that doesn't feed on disempowering of other living beings (living beings are those that could create their own personality, which is classification of what's lovely and what's not lovely), but fed on the airflow, or the sunlight, gravity, or fruits.

Mutual solutions for the win.

Update 10th of August:
I'm a Christian, and for this past few days I ended up reading passages about food 3 times in the new testatement. Honestly, I got scared... three verses and they all talk about the same thing, that we could eat all the foods on earth, including meat. So, I just going to be a human and use my faith to scrap my statement above that implies 'living beings are not lovely to be eaten'. I'm going to wait and learn more.

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