Minggu, 18 September 2011

Please Help Pasar Sentral v.02

Pasar Sentral is Makassar's most famous site for traditional market, although modern stores also trade here. But not a long time ago, the central market building was burned down forcing 2000 more traders left their daily business place.
The government could only do little to restore the situation. Now traders are doing businesses in emergency locations, set up without government coordination. Now the government decided to relieve more of their committment to help the traders, because the traders have set up their own emergency stand...

Some people, please help us. The traders need a decent place, I don't know how they managed to relieve their toilet needs, the emergency site has no electricity, its very hot in Makassar, its dusty, and its so packed. We are in the middle of a draught.

Update 11th of October 2011

This is where store owners have to pee, I've tried to do so, the smell of urine was very strong... its very repulsive... please help. In the next 2 months more, they will have to move because the mall is going to be rebuilt by the authorities. Everything's going to be tore down, there's uncertainty on how reliable the procedure's going to be, and whether the relocation procedure would be done carefully.

Help Pasar Sentral, help the traders, help the jobs.

They pissed in between the sticks.

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