Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Digital Middlemen's role questioned v.03

In terms of the Economy of help I tend to answer these questions:

1. Who are the end users of digital markets:
- Share market: Investors who bought shares to gain control and want to help to improve the operation of the company. Or investors who bought shares to hold them, enjoy their dividends, improve the company's power to own assets, etc.
- Currency market: Investors who bought currencies to use them in trading, or for other purposes like anticipating fluctuations.

2. Who are the digital middlemen?
- Both markets: those that bought shares and/or currencies only to sell it again at higher price.

Now my further question is, what help do those middlemen provided? Wouldn't it be cheaper for the end users to just buy straight from another end user? This is digital markets where its easy to meet each other.

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