Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

USA, please

Mitt Romney, Obama, both facilitate USA's attitude as the police of the world, the leader of the world. Please USA please, you're no longer that, your economy is now in a cocoon in my best opinion. So USA you need to rest that attitude for a while and choose to act like a middle class developing country as you are now.
Work together with Brazil, Indonesia, India to balance out China and Russia. And Mitt Romney, you need to resign and let Ron Paul lead the country. His humble approach maybe subject to ridicule from you, but opportunistically, he has the right attitude.

Unless ofcourse USA plan on utilizing unethical monetary policy, altering world's value of money, and risking the quality of representation of money on people's performed services.
(I think that money is prove that the holder has performed services and deserved to be helped back).

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