Sabtu, 29 September 2012

I need Jesus in my system v.03

Jesus has paid for all evil, all order in order to disorder, all for uselessness with expensive price, eternal price.
I need Jesus in my system

This is my attempt

You see that I gave thanks to inclinations as they are individuals.
Evil inclinations are used in this world and one or two including myself could experience enjoyment or safety or use because of it, direct, or indirectly.
Jesus has paid for all evil and we don't have to give thanks to evil. Jesus has paid with His blood, Satan consumed Him who was innocent, by God's law it's unfair to consume Jesus because He is Holy and without sin. Therefore Satan has used a very expensive and eternal price that according to God's law is not his.
Now God won't consider bad those who won't pay to satan and dwells in Jesus.

Therefore now we who believe and loved Jesus and loved by Jesus don't need to pay back to evil inclinations. In this system, you give Jesusfied sticker, without having to perform services or give goods for evil purposes. That Jesusfied stickers declare that all has been paid by Jesus, such uses have been paid by Jesus.

Give the stickers to who? Just declare the sticker at your "Golden Sticker request" page.

In practice this is how it might work:
- One kills another person
- That killed guy tried to kill you.
- You owe to that one and also the to inclination to kill/destroy.
- You help that one, but you don't have to kill another person / living things.
- You declared a Jesusfied sticker to the inclination to kill/destroy.

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