Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013

Do Christians supposed to be poor?

If you read the OT you'll notice that heroes of God were rich:
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, King David, King Solomon, Daniel, Job, Jabez.

Full of Glory:
Joshua, Samson, Gideon, Moses,

But look at the heroes of Christianity, they all seems poor including Jesus He was homeless. Are we supposed to be like them?
I think we should follow Jesus and Jesus only in accordance with our own kind of talents from God. To Enrich a company and to enable jobs for smart people, (people who actually could make a difference not those who had the job out of lies that they deserve the money while actually the system only slows things down because machines could do better jobs than them in all respect...) I don't see why would it be un-Christian-like.
These rich companies, why can't they be rich? And the Christians who made a lot of money there, why wouldn't I acknowledge them as true Christians?

Christianity are not about being poor and stupid, Christianity is all about doing the right thing and making profit or improvements in respect of Love. To increase the level of availability of mutual solutions in reality.

So Christians are not stupid blind swine who just rush into life and be poor. Its about love and working an excellent work is lovely. Its all in the lifestyle. Why can't one make a lot of money but live a lifestyle prescribed by Jesus. In my opinion, to invest in Sin is bad, but to invest in Productivity and to provide actual jobs are Lovely.

However some enterprises excel in cheapness temporarily only to destroy other companies, after that they couldn't sustain the cheapness of their product and ended up in producing low quality goods.
About this I'll hate to say that they are lovely, why should I like a company like that?

The Christians were poor because they were persecuted, Christ was not living a lux lifestyle but doesn't mean that he didn't make a lot of mutual solutions. And He set up His church on Peter.
People could see how much money a church could rise. The next step in my opinion is to help the poor people in the church.

(written while watching Aljazeera's documentary "Indian Hospital" youtube)

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