Rabu, 09 Januari 2013

Golden Sticker doesn't suppose to replace money

1. GS shouldn't be limited in terms of issuance
2. GS should be used hand in hand with money.

Money is prove that provider has performed some help and deserve to be helped back.

This system is used to compliment money, as now money can't retain an inventor's worthiness of help. When he/she give away money, he/she exhausted his turn for help. If his/her solutions are being used, the inventor is still relevant to be helped back because of the invention.
Golden Sticker wants to retain this worthiness, without having to make a contract to everybody everytime.
When you use a solution, you send money to the providers of the solutions, and they would give you an official sticker/version of receipt, that you could post on your profile page.

People would know that you give thanks to your sources of solutions and would be happy to make a cheaper deal, or to do good businesses with you.

Furthermore, people could expand on the stickers to see what kind of help one has provided that he/she deserves the sticker, and who is the author of the sticker, and also the relationships of one sticker to other stickers (one person is a part of what community).

Using this system I hope the issue of piracy could be addressed, as pirates shouldn't have stickers from their sources of solutions.

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