Minggu, 27 Januari 2013

Mass Dialisis idea from dr. Devy Shetty of Narayana (v.02)

I watched Aljazeera's documentary "Indian Hospital" today
And some awesome innovative ideas have been practiced by the hospital Narayana H, in India.
Lead by dr Devy Shetty.
One of them being mass dialisis.
You can lower the price of dialisis per patient to 10 USD per person per dialisis, by not buying the machine.
You don't have to buy the machine, just rent it and pay it as much as a fraction of that amount per patient. Let the machine run all the time, and so the supplier could get more money in the long run, rather than the hospital bought the products and exhausted the hospital's liquidity.

Moreover if the Hospital just bought the product, they would have to deal with some maintenance issues, and this requires the machines to be halted in order to wait for the technicians to replace the parts etc... Mind that the dialisis procedure was conducted per batch scale just like it shows on the video.

Other idea was cheap health insurance scheme for farmers, etc... watch the documentary please. 

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