Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Good Deflation, why Christianity is good for the economy

Jesus never wants us to be weak, Jesus wants us to be strong so we could help people.
You can't love money and love God. You either love one and hate another.
This is so true if you love money you'd drive the economy using insecurity / inflation as your fool.
But if you Love Jesus you'd fuel the economy by Love, by helping the good poor people.

How's helping the people could power the economy?
We know there are 2 kinds of deflation, good deflation and bad deflation.
Proverb said that lazy people are kins of the destroyer. Bad deflation happen when people stop demanding for goods and services. Then the price will start falling, jobs will start diminishing, and the economy deflates. Deflation is when goods and services were offered cheaply at the market.
So in order to prevent this people keep on printing money and loan money irrespective of inflation level. Inflation lovers economy. Inflation is like wanting lots and lots of money in the economy, having faith that all those money will make your life better than having less money.

We may have forgotten the most important thing here, which is help, love, goods and services.
Inflation may able to make people work, but they just work aimlessly, creating goods and services without long term care for other people.
People keep on buying the pointless goods and services as their community respect people who spend more than people who saves. But what this do is still abandoning the poor as there are little focus on investing in reducing the sufferings of the poor.

Christianity encourages people to make family of the poor. Because the good poor people are our family we don't want them to just receive charity and be hungry again tommorow, we don't want them to spend their money on drugs or alcohol.
Christianity encourages us to help people who wants to help people. Poor people who cares and committed to their job, like jacob, Isaac, and Abraham, always tries to better their quality of work.
Christianity favors the economy by encouraging good deflation, by loving other people we invest in the improvement of access to neccessities, we invest in smart people, researchers / scientists who has proven to be those who would love to make things easier for people to fulfill their basic needs.
Christians help the poor, and by helping the poor we encourage spending towards basic neccessities.
Christians make providers of basic neccessities richer, and hopefully the providers would give thanks to plant breeders, cattle breeders, researchers/scientist who would better our lives.
Christians don't like inflation, Christians like deflation, but not lazy deflation, but lovely deflation.

Climate change is coming, there will be a lot of problems to solve... so please Christians lets hurry to invest in the problem solver. But becareful of scams like free energy scientists and kinds, many of them are scam artists. So becareful.

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  1. The reason for donating to the poor instead of directly giving to the sources of solutions... is to motivate the creators of solutions to care about actual problems, because poor people are included as their stakeholders.

    The problem with persona idolization is, the solution makers would care too much about problems of the idols and less to actual problems of human beings.

  2. Ultimately good people are sources of solutions as well. I'd want to give thanks to parties that made my world friendlier.
    Monetary system is the system of focus allocation.

    When the world has became friendlier, some might found that pointless working (in order to satisfy temporary wants not needs) is not healthy.
    So wealth would be allocated to sources of solutions, good people, and students or athletes of "work-like" competitions.

    People would train each other to maintain the support system, people would spend their time learning and would be paid based on their intellectual achievements