Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

These people starts demolition around my uncle's store

These are notices telling my uncle to go away and a picture of my uncle's store. The government gave permission for PT. MTIR (contractors) to start demolishing around my uncle's business without any settlement or any guarantee that the store would not be damaged more than it's current state. He has to close his operation now.
The location was burned 2 years ago and now they want to start rebuilding, however my uncle's store is not burned and he hasn't been paid anything yet. (They only demolish stuff now, the building was a leftover so they could say that its dangerous for people around it, but there was no guarantee that my uncle's store would be alright in the process).
It was a 3 story mall, and now they're planning to build another big building, what's going to happen to my uncle's store? How could the government gave them permission to do this before settling things out with my uncle. The government didn't settle anything, didn't offer anything no guarantee they just let them demolished a high story building right next and behind my uncle's store.

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  1. Jl Wahid Hasyim (Makassar Mall)
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