Rabu, 10 April 2013

Matthew 6:34, worries and the system of money

Jesus said "Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day [is] the evil thereof."
(http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=Mat&c=6, 2013)

Don't worry about tommorow
At first I thought about this verse, I thought, should we throw all of our businesses away? If it were personal riches then it's debatable, but throwing away our businesses away? Wouldn't that be absurd, cause businesses are helping people.

Well still figuring out that now, but I realize that Jesus wasn't only talking about personal wealth. But also about the wealth of the community, a country. Jesus was talking about how we about to do about our money.

We have to admit, we are now liable to hyperinflation. Because we have the right to spend all of our money in the bank as well as other people. And if we were forced to do that all at the same time, then the economy would collapse.
But we have the right to do so. Think about it, 1. Bank Rush (Economy Collapse), 2. Monster spending (Hyperinflation). These two, could be caused by just 1 problem.

Jesus has prescribed, don't worry, 1 day for a day, use it all up.
Our money, should have expiration date. I'm sorry to say yo. I'm still figuring it out, but this... God help us.

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  1. The question is,
    People who have helped a lot of people would get a lot of money, and they would not spend it, then one day after some 15 years, they decided to spend it all on something crazy... should everybody help them?

    Like after 15 years, you would've new people helping you, you'd have your own synergy and rate of currency, own rate of equilibrium, ofcourse independent from these people because they've not been participating for 15 years... so they're outside your equilibrium already.

    Then they came and decided to buy your stuff, they've helped you in the past so they have a lot of money, your acknowledgement of their service. They bought your stuff, a lot, other people's stuff, a lot, they broke balances, they broke the equilibrium.

    Should you help them?

    1. Say someone helped you a lot 15 years ago, and you handed him 100 talents. 10 talents equal 1 month worth of food.
      15 years later technology has made productivity increased 10 folds. Then 1 talents bought 1 month worth of food. The guy came with his 100 talents and claimed his prize, would you give him 100 months worth of food?
      Would you give him only 10 months worth of food? Consider as well that his contribution might have positively participated in the increase of productivity. But was it really by that much?

  2. Now you have people in the money market made a lot of money. Not really because they helped a lot of people... they just know the information of the ratio's (between money and goods and services).
    They should distribute back those money to the "shareholders" but no they didn't... so... these are pretty exclusive people.

  3. When I say money I meant "buying power". Stranger danger people stranger danger

  4. For the new economy the solution could be:
    Give back to those who have helped you.
    But those who have helped you need to give back to their sources of solutions as well.
    Some producers are not giving back to their teachers, universities, researchers everytime their product has been useful for consumers.
    Some producers are not considering their innovative employees as sources of their solutions embedded in the value of every product they've sold.
    Some producers didn't even notice the value of educators of their employees embedded in every products they've sold.
    Some producers use other people's idea, without attributing them as sources of solutions in every products they've sold.
    Some producers didn't acknowledge the value of LOVE in the society, the nice tendencies that encourages the people, the consumers to help each other.

    This could be the solution to the problem, give back.
    1 day has its own problem, tommorow face new problems, time keeps on changing.
    Stay flexible, stay innovative, stay timely.

    See my post http://melkieh.blogspot.com/2011/09/golden-sticker.html?showComment=1365613445811#c1016761342670532447

    Eventually this should give enough reasons for people to even out within a day.

    1. Let's release our brothers and sisters from their obligation. Let's give them freedom off of their debts as Jesus has set us free from evil.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIndgdxJRZ8

    Watch this interview and how Robert Shiller talked about investing in share over the bond market.
    When we're dealing with money, we're dealing about dishonesty... I'm not implying that my concept is in align with Robert Shiller's.
    The dishonesty, is if you have money it means you have helped people by that amount. Well, obviously your ability to help came from others' solutions as well, so that's an obvious dishonesty.
    And that's why you should redistribute your own money.