Kamis, 25 Juli 2013

Love yourself, stop worrying (about yourself)

Worrying about yourself makes you lazy, and lazy would likely hinder you from being smarter.
Worrying about others would make you work extra, and working would likely make you smarter.
Let's be wise and love ourselves. Stop worrying about ourselves.

Somehow thats just how things are.
God made interactions after interactions after interactions not to self but to others.
Humans are individuals independent from God.
Even God Loves himself.

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  1. What I meant by independent from God is Humans could have mind of their own. Jesus could have a mind of His own.
    But Jesus always follows God's will, and so He's also one with God.

    Property is something that always prioritizes a will.
    Your body consists of independent cells, but they are you. You with the mind of your own.