Selasa, 12 November 2013

The story of Money, Jesus bless you readers...

One way to print money is to establish commodity silos or deposits throughout the country. Commodity producers like farmers then deposits their results in the silos while in return the country would give them money.

10kg of rice --> 10kg of rice notes
500 grams of gold --> 500grams of gold notes

These notes are money, which people then exchange with each other to get what they need from the barn.  

Food has expiry date, then their notes would have an expiry date as well.

Gold doesn't expire, but, gold miners need food to live, they would trade their notes for food because they must.

These gold tied notes are more desirable than the food tied notes, when farmers deposits their products into the silos or barns, they would prefer gold tied notes rather than food tied notes.

And so that's how we could understand how money is more tied to gold and not to other commodities. 

My motto: Money is a sign that the owner has helped and he/she deserved to be helped back