Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

Piracy and Organized violence

In my opinion, the use of piracy contributes strongly to organized violence. If people don't use piracy, their gatherings would be of more constructive nature. People who don't use piracy want to make use of their expensive access as productive as possible to obtain return of investment.
But pirated solutions are solutions that is very very cheap due to distributors and consumers don't really give back appropriately to the creators of the solutions. Their gatherings would tend to had no sense of importance, and would more likely used to spill their immidiate emotions.
United and channeled, would only brought about disasters.

Free Software and Open source is different from piracy, the authors of such softwares are generous authors. This brings a sense of warmth and gratitude into the community. It gave the sense that the system is good, and its trying to help the people. This would encourage participation into the integrated mutual solutions. 

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