Jumat, 23 September 2011

The Golden Sticker v.07

So I have this idea to facilitate the culture of "giving back to the sources of solutions". The whole society should realize the importance of nurturing access to solutions. We've learned from global warming, that using solutions without giving back or nurturing the source of solutions would close or scarce the accesses of solutions for us in the future.
Realizing this the society need to put on the spot, or question those who enjoy or use a lot of solutions, but doesn't have any receipts or any prove that he/she/it had performed some sort of maintenance or had paid back the source of solutions.

When we buy something, we always could ask for a receipt. Now pirates don't get any receipts from software companies or from record companies. However people couldn't just come around and ask pirates to show them receipts... instead providers of solutions or conservation officials could issue stickers as prove of payments, or donations have been paid by receivers of the stickers.

When people saw a person has these stickers they'd figure that some kind of "maintenance" have been performed by the person for his/her sources of solutions. Knowing that, people would prefer to have transactions with the person or to help him/her.

Further problem would be, if one wants to keep confidential where do their solutions came from. In this case, could be set up an organization that specialize in assurance. This organization would receive statements from providers of solutions, or conservation officials that the users had paid or donate to them. The organization would then issue a sticker recognized by the public as prove of "performed maintenance". So basically the sticker says "this entity has carefully paid back to its sources of solutions."

In the end I encourage all to activate, magnify, and propagate this culture of "giving back to the sources of solutions" because our scarcity is not of time nor energy, but of mutual solutions. By doing so, hopefully we could have better and more accesses to mutual solutions in the near future.



2 komentar:

  1. The golden sticker should be just as simple as that. Don't create IOU's for Golden Sticker never.
    Because introverts deserve as much as extroverts. Just because one has more power to intimidate, doesn't mean he/she has provided more help.
    Never create IOU's for Golden Sticker system, don't marginalize harmless people.

  2. And Golden sticker is not to replace money. Really
    You should have this 3 balance, Goods and Services, Money, and The Golden Sticker.
    You give the golden sticker to people who have given you money. And you give money to people who have provided you with goods and services.

    You give goods and services out of LOVE.