Minggu, 20 November 2011

Golden Sticker continued v.02

This is my previous post

Now I want to talk about the assurance organizations.

Lets say or imagine (note again that this is not happening this way in real life) that microsoft used the services of adobe, intel, oracle, and mpegla. All of these companies issued sticker for microsoft, some issued bronze, some silver, and there's a golden sticker. However Microsoft don't want to give out to people too much about the whereabouts of their spending. So all of these companies unite together and created an agency which they called the "tech" agency.
Tech agency then safehold the stickers from adobe, intel, oracle, and mpegla... and issue a platinum sticker to microsoft... the sticker looked like "TECH PLATINUM 2011" which then be posted in Microsoft's profile in facebook and/or google plus.

You could have many agencies like this, you could have Green agencies for nature's conservation foundations. You could have Agriculture agencies which issued stickers to people who paid or maintained or invested in their members. These agencies would examine whether or not there were actual transactions happening.
The purpose is to give light and some kind of social power to people, to choose to only trade or deal with people who maintained their sources of solutions. Because mutual solutions need to be maintained, they didn't just fell on our lap, we ought to search for them and maintain them. That's reality.

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