Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

When are you adult enough? v.08

Some may think that 15 year olds should be given the right to decide for themselves. They are capable of making reasonable decisions.
But as long as you still think that bad people are cool, you are not adult enough because you're still looking for that system to protect yourself.
Whatever your age, the answer to the question is bad things are bad, and their solutions are repulsive, incompatible to be used for life, no matter how 'cool' those violence, insults, and exclusivism may seemed to be.
Good solutions use laws, agreements, and self control in order to enable people to connect and help each other better. That just simply true.
Coolness are mostly lies, they are just for show.

But Coolness could be true if its achieved from good deeds, mutual solutions. But its much easier to look cool than to actually build and maintain mutual solutions.

So don't let your smart 15 year olds be free from corrections, they need you whether they like it or not

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