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The Golden Sticker system v.05


That's the link to my post about the golden sticker.
Now if this system were to be a new system of money, there's something I want to clear up.
When a person performed a service for you, you gave him/her a sticker of yours.
Now when that person was helped by another person, he will give that third guy his sticker.
And when you helped that third guy, he/she would give you his/her sticker.

That's it, don't over complicate things, there's no pairing, no matching, the sticker is not to be used like money. Like my father said, give and take.

Now, when you've consumed an intellectual products like music, programs, etc. You'd send him/her your stickers with some goods/services then he/she gave you his/her sticker. That's it. The golden sticker request is just my way of making popular of the system, since it hasn't became a standard yet.

How do people know how valuable your stickers are? What standard should be used? Gold? Silver?
I say you don't need to. You don't suppose to use the stickers to pay for something. Its a receipt. It's a statement that the holder has helped people, but it doesn't say whether or not the holder has or hasn't been helped back. Unlike money is a proof that the holder has performed some help and hasn't been helped back.

People who has a lot of receipts have paid to their sources of solutions. Those with no receipts either haven't paid to their sources of solutions or didn't use the system (or didn't use any solutions at all--really?)

Now you differenciate the value of the sticker by serial numbers and dates. Stickers handed out yesterday has different values with stickers handed out today. If the distinction was clear. Then confusion shouldn't arise. You yourself could post the values of each stickers for others to see.

There might be instances when criminals comitted crime to help you, maybe its your friend, or your stalker. You could gave him/her sticker but a Jesusfied sticker. Which means those that will help the guy not only help the guy casually but with forgiveness.
And between you and him/her, you could help him/her personally because he/she has helped you but that's it. It's up to the society whether or not they would forgive him/her.

In terms of stickers for inclinations, see my previous post.

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