Senin, 20 Juni 2011

Parking Lot + Art Center?

I don't know whether its good or not, to have an art expo, or street performer center, performing 24 x 7 if they want. Which is also a parking lot, a modern parking lot.

So this parking lot, would have a general access, and also a member access. Members got reserved the good spots ofcourse.

When management successfully created multiple parking spots, they could link all of these lots together, with special tunnels. These tunnels are for members only and for eventual high payers.


I want the art center, imagine people dancing, music everywhere, people some sellers walking around selling drinks. Sponsorships sometimes would help open space expos.


So this space might be built on top of regular streets. First of they build crossing bridges, and then on top of those bridges, glass buildings, so people below could look up... (watch out skirters). And then it would have access to vehicles who want to park.

This is going to be a skyscrapery stuff.

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