Senin, 13 Juni 2011

Rewarding system draft v.02

1. Figure out what kind of person the employee is, someone who wants or needs constant rewarding? or someone who wants something specific or something "else".

2. Reward him/her accordingly.

In my theory this should always works well, not rewarding your employee would mean to motivate him/her with threats, which is not mutual.

For the first type, you figure out what could exite the person that is not too expensive, and constantly give him/her that when he perform something, even though that something is not too big, because the reward is also not too big.

For the second type, reward the guy when he/she has achieved the significance, but, when the guy didn't achieve reward him/her with small prizes instead, because even though he/she didn't achieve the big goal, but he/she has performed or completed some small steps he/she doesn't realize needs rewarding. This is important in my theory because subconsciously the person might felt that the system is not profitable for him/her and would refuse to participate whenever there's another task like the previous one.

So, the first type of person, would eventually become the second type whenever he/she became bored with the rewards, but there's also a chance that he/she would stay the same just asked for different reward.

The target is, to make the employees want to give their unlocked potentials, achieving substantially at the shortest share of time as possible, made possible by appealing to their subconscious system of rewards.

so for the first type of guy, you reward him/her before finishing the job.
for the second type, don't reward him/her before, only after finishing the job.

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