Jumat, 30 September 2011

Website for view of customer demographics and their contributions

To reduce the act of stealing, piracy, or consuming goods and services without fulfilling maintenance obligations. I've proposed that every providers of goods and services should issue stickers as prove that enjoyers of their products have paid something in return.
Those that have a lot of goods and services but don't have at about equal amounts of stickers would look suspicious and would easily be under public's scrutiny.

I propose an idea for every providers of goods and services to have a website where they list their consumers. With permission, you could list consumers from every region, not necessarily their personally identifiable informations, but just overviews of the magnitude of goods and services that the providers had provided for certain demographics and the magnitude of payments or maintenance that the consumers had paid to the providers.

Using these datas people could see whether or not certain demographies that are using and enjoying some goods and services had given something back, or have maintained, their sources of solutions.

I believe in the future, this is how people establish confidence. As the world is merging at higher and higher rate and magnitude. People are going to want the fast and easy way to identify which demographics do they want to have something to do with, and which don't they want to have anything to do with.

The scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy but of mutual solutions. And for all mutual solutions, took maintenance to keep them available.

Selasa, 27 September 2011

Spekulasi analisa

Dollar naik, saham-saham turun, bisa saja ini berarti banyak yang menganggap investasi yang lama itu palsu... APa yang akan terjadi?

Sistem pembayaran pajak Kampanye

Pemerintah punya banyak proyek:
- Pembangunan jalan
- Kesehatan masyarakat
- Pembayaran utang
- Penelitian pangan
- Lain-lain

Bagaimana kalau pemerintah memberi akses pada pembayar pajak untuk bisa memilih ke mana uang pajaknya mengalir. Jadi kita bisa membayar pajak tertarget pada proyek proyek yang kompeten yang punya sejarah beres. Kalau uang disalurkan ke proyek-proyek yang tidak beres rasanya sia-sia.

Jadi dinas-dinas, departemen-departemen berusaha sebesar besarnya untuk berkampanye, menyajikan laporan yang terpercaya, untuk menarik investasi.

Pemerintah dapat mensosialisasikan nama-nama dan besar jumlah yang dialokasikan oleh seseorang. Daftar tersebut dapat ditransparansikan di website pajak. Tapi tentu saja semua orang berhak untuk tidak mencantumkan namanya.


One way, to realize this is to issue a prepaid tax document. Why would the government issue such promise?

Lets say there's a natural disaster, the government need some extra money to repair the damages. People who provided the extra money or extra help, would be given the prepaid tax document, so the next time he/she had to pay tax, he/she could use the document to cover some of the taxes.

In case the payment amounts were beyond the payer's tax obligation for the year... the prepaid tax document should be made so that it could be traded with other people. Whover holds the document could use it to pay their taxes in due time.

Jumat, 23 September 2011

The Golden Sticker v.07

So I have this idea to facilitate the culture of "giving back to the sources of solutions". The whole society should realize the importance of nurturing access to solutions. We've learned from global warming, that using solutions without giving back or nurturing the source of solutions would close or scarce the accesses of solutions for us in the future.
Realizing this the society need to put on the spot, or question those who enjoy or use a lot of solutions, but doesn't have any receipts or any prove that he/she/it had performed some sort of maintenance or had paid back the source of solutions.

When we buy something, we always could ask for a receipt. Now pirates don't get any receipts from software companies or from record companies. However people couldn't just come around and ask pirates to show them receipts... instead providers of solutions or conservation officials could issue stickers as prove of payments, or donations have been paid by receivers of the stickers.

When people saw a person has these stickers they'd figure that some kind of "maintenance" have been performed by the person for his/her sources of solutions. Knowing that, people would prefer to have transactions with the person or to help him/her.

Further problem would be, if one wants to keep confidential where do their solutions came from. In this case, could be set up an organization that specialize in assurance. This organization would receive statements from providers of solutions, or conservation officials that the users had paid or donate to them. The organization would then issue a sticker recognized by the public as prove of "performed maintenance". So basically the sticker says "this entity has carefully paid back to its sources of solutions."

In the end I encourage all to activate, magnify, and propagate this culture of "giving back to the sources of solutions" because our scarcity is not of time nor energy, but of mutual solutions. By doing so, hopefully we could have better and more accesses to mutual solutions in the near future.



Minggu, 18 September 2011

Please Help Pasar Sentral v.02

Pasar Sentral is Makassar's most famous site for traditional market, although modern stores also trade here. But not a long time ago, the central market building was burned down forcing 2000 more traders left their daily business place.
The government could only do little to restore the situation. Now traders are doing businesses in emergency locations, set up without government coordination. Now the government decided to relieve more of their committment to help the traders, because the traders have set up their own emergency stand...

Some people, please help us. The traders need a decent place, I don't know how they managed to relieve their toilet needs, the emergency site has no electricity, its very hot in Makassar, its dusty, and its so packed. We are in the middle of a draught.

Update 11th of October 2011

This is where store owners have to pee, I've tried to do so, the smell of urine was very strong... its very repulsive... please help. In the next 2 months more, they will have to move because the mall is going to be rebuilt by the authorities. Everything's going to be tore down, there's uncertainty on how reliable the procedure's going to be, and whether the relocation procedure would be done carefully.

Help Pasar Sentral, help the traders, help the jobs.

They pissed in between the sticks.