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Better rewarding system using the point of view of spirits. v.02

When you learn about spirits or tendencies, you'd figure out that different areas
different locations or sites, has different spirits that ruled there.

By knowing about this, you'd figure out where do the tendencies of killing resides,
the tendencies to steal, the tendencies to lie, the tendencies to corrupt. Even when
you don't know who are the people that are going to be used by the tendencies.
And imo its less efficient to look for the "evil people", because spirits could just make
another form of administrations, one way or the other.

Now when you could measure or meter the level of likeliness of these tendencies would manifest,
and compare the results with reality. You'd notice that there might be some differences.
These differences could be due to administrations used to surpress these spirits.
Therefore we don't need no hero in urgent circumstances saving the day, just to identify
who to give thanks to...
By looking at the difference, we'd figure out that there are administrations
surpressing these bad tendencies, and those who maintain these administrations
are the real hero for fighting the tendencies before they manifest.

For example:
This is just my estimation doesn't have to be accurate, its just an illustration:
After earthquake some people in a rural area lost their homes, these people would became more prone to illness.
But after a couple of weeks these people are not experiencing as much illness as expected.
We don't need to see the practice, in theory, we already know that there are administration
being practiced to support their health. Rather than sending too much medicine, we could invest
in this administration more.
Apparently their culture realy prioritize washing hands before they eat, so even if they were
very hungry, they'd walk hundreds of meter to wash their hands first.
In this case we'd knew that administrations that were supporting the culture need extra help.
Since they are loosing their homes and infrastructures, they need new ways to maintain this culture otherwise
it would fade away.
Now, rather than supplying more medicines, donators rather supply more on emergency plumbing solutions.
And it would also be better to donate more money to elders and parents and teachers who have maintained this culture in the community.
This way childrens, including teens would look up to these role models and
the tendency to illness would be surpressed even more effective and efficiently.

(I realize the next paragraph might contain weird ideas)
Again I say, spirits will find one way or the other to manifest, so if people are not getting ill now,
people still must anticipate more on accidents that involves biochemical, or health issues. Because if my theory is reliable... the risk of having illness is still big.
Why is it still big? my reasoning is... that spirits could think. Yes, inclinations are initiators of interactions, therefore they are alive...
The spirit thinks... yes i said it... it thinks... in terms of the inclination towards illness, it might consider earthquakes are its moments to manifests. If the spirit failed to manifest during environments usually are friendly to it, it would receive less and less support from other spirits. Meaning, less and less administrations would be made in support of it. And, in the end it will became less practiced in reality. I realized something else, I'm sorry..., I hope this still could help to deliver this last point about being careful. As when we support something, we should always anticipate counter forces against our new administrations... it will definately emerges, it will. It doesn't came from the old spirit wanting to survive, but it came from whatever it is that's not in participation with whatever it is the administration that we're doing.

Its important to make sure before we create any administrations to build them in align with existing Lovely administrations, otherwise the good intentions would just going to turn out to be evil.

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