Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

Sekolah Intensif Tes

Satu sesi belajar mengajar dibagi tiga:

1. Waktu perkenalan
2. Waktu tes
3. Waktu fokus

Waktu perkenalan 45 menit, guru menjelaskan materi pelajaran
Waktu tes 15 menit, guru memberi tes atas materi tersebut
Waktu fokus 30 menit,
para siswa yang nilainya 85% ke bawah tinggal di kelas untuk belajar lagi
para siswa yang nilainya 85% ke atas bebas memutuskan untuk tetap ikut, atau keluar main atau ke perpustakaan atau ke lab komputer.

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Banks need ethical adjustments v.03

Before lending people money, banks need to have consent from their customers first, for using their money to lend other people.
The problem nowadays is that people are not giving permission to banks to use their money to lend to others. So they have all the right to pull their money out of the banks.
And if there were events that requires many to pull their money out banks will be devastated, the whole economy will be devastated.

As long as if banks could get people to promise that they wouldn't take out their money too early... everything would be ok. Nowadays its not like that, 3 months 6 months 1 year deposits are not going to cut it. It have to be an official, black and white, promise that the money is going to be used for such and such purposes... then things are going to be cool.

For those who disagree, they wouldn't be given any interest money, and instead still being charged for saving costs.

Update: I found this video on youtube This idea is not just me.

The way banking system should work:
Make 2 types of accounts:
1. Deposits that have been consented to be used in lending
2. Deposits that are not.

Conditions for type 1:
Withdrawal could be made only when and as much as the credit payments. Or if there were other type (1) account that amounts would cover the respective... which in my opinion would not be of rare cases.

Banks could also make chips or partial cuts of participation to the deposits as part of credits.

I think this system may have already been implemented by some credit unions.

Bank run by the military

Basically safe deposits are put inside the military barracks. And then they charge us for keeping our money safe. They won't lend it to anybody, the only money they could lend is their own money, money that came out of charging us.

Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

Better rewarding system using the point of view of spirits. v.02

When you learn about spirits or tendencies, you'd figure out that different areas
different locations or sites, has different spirits that ruled there.

By knowing about this, you'd figure out where do the tendencies of killing resides,
the tendencies to steal, the tendencies to lie, the tendencies to corrupt. Even when
you don't know who are the people that are going to be used by the tendencies.
And imo its less efficient to look for the "evil people", because spirits could just make
another form of administrations, one way or the other.

Now when you could measure or meter the level of likeliness of these tendencies would manifest,
and compare the results with reality. You'd notice that there might be some differences.
These differences could be due to administrations used to surpress these spirits.
Therefore we don't need no hero in urgent circumstances saving the day, just to identify
who to give thanks to...
By looking at the difference, we'd figure out that there are administrations
surpressing these bad tendencies, and those who maintain these administrations
are the real hero for fighting the tendencies before they manifest.

For example:
This is just my estimation doesn't have to be accurate, its just an illustration:
After earthquake some people in a rural area lost their homes, these people would became more prone to illness.
But after a couple of weeks these people are not experiencing as much illness as expected.
We don't need to see the practice, in theory, we already know that there are administration
being practiced to support their health. Rather than sending too much medicine, we could invest
in this administration more.
Apparently their culture realy prioritize washing hands before they eat, so even if they were
very hungry, they'd walk hundreds of meter to wash their hands first.
In this case we'd knew that administrations that were supporting the culture need extra help.
Since they are loosing their homes and infrastructures, they need new ways to maintain this culture otherwise
it would fade away.
Now, rather than supplying more medicines, donators rather supply more on emergency plumbing solutions.
And it would also be better to donate more money to elders and parents and teachers who have maintained this culture in the community.
This way childrens, including teens would look up to these role models and
the tendency to illness would be surpressed even more effective and efficiently.

(I realize the next paragraph might contain weird ideas)
Again I say, spirits will find one way or the other to manifest, so if people are not getting ill now,
people still must anticipate more on accidents that involves biochemical, or health issues. Because if my theory is reliable... the risk of having illness is still big.
Why is it still big? my reasoning is... that spirits could think. Yes, inclinations are initiators of interactions, therefore they are alive...
The spirit thinks... yes i said it... it thinks... in terms of the inclination towards illness, it might consider earthquakes are its moments to manifests. If the spirit failed to manifest during environments usually are friendly to it, it would receive less and less support from other spirits. Meaning, less and less administrations would be made in support of it. And, in the end it will became less practiced in reality. I realized something else, I'm sorry..., I hope this still could help to deliver this last point about being careful. As when we support something, we should always anticipate counter forces against our new administrations... it will definately emerges, it will. It doesn't came from the old spirit wanting to survive, but it came from whatever it is that's not in participation with whatever it is the administration that we're doing.

Its important to make sure before we create any administrations to build them in align with existing Lovely administrations, otherwise the good intentions would just going to turn out to be evil.

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Why I hate sense of urgency

If you're working on something, an asset, and you want to make the asset work... you'd be facing interruptions from sense of urgencies.

They all demanded to be prioritized. And in the end how would you finish your asset?

I could pray for new solutions, sometimes you can use that sense of urgencies to your advantage, ofcourse lawfully, mutually. But then such solutions might be not so straight forward to get.

For haters of sense of urgency v.03

I'm one of you... I choose to end it from taking place in reality. Its there in reality, and its not supposed to be. If we make people smart, if we support love, we'd be able to get rid of it forever.

I hate it that much.

But adopters of the sense of urgencies are people, and I don't hate them, not always. I believe that people are sources of solutions.

Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Organized vs Unorganized bad v.03

Organized destructive groups are very bad, undesirable, and should not be supported. But unorganized bad is worse.
Nuclear bombs only came out of organized war, this is very very repulsive to the sense of safety, but because of massive nuclear powers exist in this world, people are reluctant to go to war more.

The path towards good, is order.

Stay in the law, not only in the law's instruction but in the law's purposes or tendencies. In fact the tendency is the part that's supposed to be prioritized.

Direct derivative of the main tendency

Currently we already have very very very many inclinations in the world:
- Inclination to sleep
- Inclination to be awake
- Inclination to stay healthy
- Inclination to make profit


The main inclinations that supports all and supported by many is the inclination to incline.
There are also important inclinations such as, Inclination to initiate interactions, Inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever,

Without inclinations there would be no initiation of interactions.

But within all inclinations there is contra inclination, for example the inclination to spend money and the inclination to save money, Inclination to be happy and the inclination to be unhappy.

For the world to work to keep on experiencing interactions forever, those inclinations need to figure out ways to prioritize each other right. Prioritizing is when contradicting inclinations were used together to support another inclination. What I mean is, for example you prefer to eat meat than not to eat meat, but you also prefer to be healthy, so you use administrations derived from both inclination to eat meat and the inclination to not eat meat... to support the inclination to stay healthy.

So to be in order is very important and to not be in order is unsupportive of the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever.

So the direct derivative of the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever is the inclination to be in order.

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011


Within the law people maintain their boundaries becoming part of a solutions to each other. But people who don't grasp this concept, easily became agitated when not accepted as close friends.

We don't have to be close or have a direct project with everybody...

Sometimes I wonder, people who are upset with me when I didn't include them in what I'm doing... could be the kind of people who only excel in taking advantage out of people, they only good to their close friends but people who are not are considered as preys. This way of thinking might cause them insecurities when being in casual or non intimate areas.

Well, don't be insecure cause I want to be in the law.

Please help Makassar's Pasar Sentral v.03

This link is to the updated version of my previous post. Its just in this blog

Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

The Point of view of Tendencies

Everything has tendencies, and the reason why the world is regulated by laws, the reason of existence... is that there are tendencies that initiated everything.
What do I mean by tendencies?
Inclinations, desire if you're alive, tendencies... spirits...

By looking at tendencies, you'd discover a new form of existence fractally. For tendencies that apply in small objects, applied also in large distant objects.
If you map the same tendencies, look for it, you'll figure out how big the tendency is, how influential he is, and probably how old is he/she.
Living things initiate interactions... and tendencies are the ultimate initiators in reality.

About inflation

Check out a post in my other blog, melkipop which mostly has links to sources that I like.

Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011

Measuring Wealth v.02

Degree or Level of relevance of available administrations.
Level of entropy.

And then who's the measurer? Under what base or perspective?

Demand them to pay the dividends please

Stock market could provide you quick money as alternative to dividends, but if the company kept on not paying dividends... they would have to depend on rumours to make people buy their stocks.

People should demand companies to pay their dividends, this is to reduce rumours that will potentially cause some people bought stocks too expensively. Win-win not win loose... peace.

Information Lag in money

If the reserve Bank of Indonesia were to devalue our money, people should be able to immidiately increase their price. Thats the only fair deal. Just like stock splits, every shareholders should have their stocks splits.

In real world, there is information lag of the value of money amongst people. This policy would sacrifice victims in the economy. Which I loathe because the economy of markets are all about win-win solutions, instead of the economy of wars which is about win-loose.

Raise your prices... access what you deserve... lower prices if the access got easier, but if it doesn't don't lower your prices. Maintain balance, maintain availability of solutions for reality.

Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

What help you give when you buy shares v.09

Some people they came to the stock market to learn, to do, but what is it that we actually do in the stock market? How do we contribute to the level of availability of mutual solutions in the reality?

The stock market helps the management to have less demands to pay dividends. Shareholders wouldn't scream for dividends if they could have their stocks bought at higher price. When you bought stocks you'd improve a company's ability to reinvest in growth. If the company's products were very helpful, like quality cements or food, or medicines, you'd potentially contribute to the future quality and quantities and prices improvements. But if the management didn't know how to grow properly, ofcourse its better that they just pay the dividends.

So the objective increase in prices should only be based on the net profit, beyond that is too much. This is secondary market, the extra money people pay, extra as in more than the amounts of dividends supposed to be paid by the company + the appropriate price of ownership, won't surely benefit the company, but more to the previous investors. Before paying the extra price, ask the question "How much do I want to profit the previous investors?"

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(I think its dangerous to give money beyond the purpose of helping as the purpose of money is to say that the holder has performed help and hasn't been helped back. So if you give money to somebody, should only be in cases where the person has helped you... or where the person is important to you if other people helped the person that would meant helping you. Otherwise you'd send a message to the world that its ok to access help without helping back... and this is evil, dangerous, and should be isolated.

But in case of charity, by helping poor people you're sending a message to reality that those who are in distress have more to hope... we are all humans and we are all liable to have poor moments, helping poor people is in itself automatically maintaining accesses to solutions.)